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The VoCA Summit is a one-day, interactive program designed to inform and engage the audience in dialogue about artist interviews and contemporary art stewardship. The agenda will comprise a combination of individual presentations, panel discussion, Q&A sessions, and live interview, as well as serial performances from artist Chris Kallmyer.

8-9 am – Registration & Breakfast

9 am – Welcome

Morning Session

Looking Back: The Origins of VoCA and the Artist Interview Workshop
Jill Sterrett & Richard Cándida Smith

Just Talking About Art: Interview Best Practices

Michael Auping


Mid-morning session

Preserving the Artist’s Voice and Legacy
Shervone Neckles Ortiz

A Dialogue with Artists

Robin Clark, Arlan Huang, & Beth Krebs

1 pm – Lunch Break

Afternoon session

Every Connection Leaves a Trace
Pip Laurenson, Narayan Khandekar, Jess Rigelhaupt, Gwynne Ryan, & Gloria Sutton


Group Discussion

Where do we go from here?
Jill Sterrett

5 pm – Program Concludes

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